Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Self taught, Jean Francois began to make experimental jewelry under the name "Jean Francois Mimilla for Marc Le Bhian". He joined the company of Marc Le Bihan, Lange et Linceul since its creation in 1991. He discovered the resin and solidifies in this living material some old beads, ancestral fabrics and lace vintage. In 1996, he decided to continue under his own name. Fascinated by old materials, he surveys the "puces de Saint-Ouen" looking for old weathered fabrics, ancient lace, bead glass craft or dusty photographs. All this treasures were then worked in his studio, handled, processed, washed, & oxidized... Beads sewn on leather born bracelets, rhinestones cast in resin and assembled by small rings in necklaces, relive old portraits on metal rings and multitudes of chains combine to create necklaces with refined manners. The work of Jean Francois Mimilla is entirely handmade.

We are so thrilled to welcome this collection to our store.

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