Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hello gorgeous!!

We are pleased to introduce to you our newest collection of jewelry-
Mixed Metals, Crystals, & Horn
Did we mention the fabulous prices?  Prices starting at around $100.

See you soon,

What a nice compliment!

Nothing compliments you new spring bag like new spring shoes... Check out our favorite combo or stop in to create your own!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Four exciting outfits, & new jewelry!!!

   A look for every shape, size, and budget.....  
   This week's mannequins feature the design's of Ivan Grundahl, Elemente Clemente, Sarah Pacini, and BNG.  Great items that you can wear with ease.

   Also this week, a new shipment from Tatto.  If you were at our trunk show this past October you saw a sneak peek, and if not then  you are in for a treat!  A new batch of her signature opera pearls are the foundation of a beautiful grouping of necklaces that mix semiprecious stones with antique crosses.  A large selection of new rings and bracelets are also featured for the season.

  See you all soon-


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A sweater for every day...

   Mother nature seems to be playing games with us lately.  One day it is a beautiful Spring day, and the next day seems like Winter will never leave.  Thankfully we have a store full of amazing sweaters to transition into the next season.  
   Sarah Pacini has a wide array of knits this season that will satisfy those who love mixing textures and shapes.  Long vests, sheer layers,  and sophisticated basics highlight this huge collection.
   Fresh of the boat from Italy, Re.Set has done it again.  With an understated elegance, this season brings us more of their signature shapes and classic color palettes. 
   Each season we always try to find what we call "Sunday Sweaters".  Those cozy sweaters that become your staple for every weekend when you just want to kick back and relax.  One of our favorite examples this season is from Elemente Clemente.  Fun stripes and a relaxed shape make this a perfect candidate.  
   Ivan Grundahl has outdone himself again this season with a wonderful hand-knit "fisherman's" sweater, as well this faded tie-dye technique on one of his classic shapes.
   For those of you who appreciate an artist's touch, Heyne Bogut's hand-painted line of sweaters are sure to please.  Every sweater's colors and patterns are unique to itself.
   Stop by and see these sweaters and many more.  You will be sure to find your own wardrobe favorite this season.  I look forward to seeing you.


Monday, March 16, 2009

New today!!! Repetto shoes from Paris!

   First launched in 1947, Repetto remains the go to shoe for those who love their ballet flats.  Now the line has been expanded to many different styles sure to please every taste.  Prices range from $265-$340, making these a great value compared to other handmade shoes on the market.

   Stop in soon, or give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Look Like a Million Bucks (during a recession)

Step One: Don't watch channels 3, 6, or 10.

Step Two: Go outside, and take note that it is no longer snowing.

Step Three: If you don't feel better already, repeat steps one and two until you find your happy heart.

Step Four: Assess your needs.  Before you go out shopping, take inventory of your current warm weather wardrobe.  What still works?  What needs to be tossed?  

*Tip* If it no longer fits your lifestyle or body, consider bringing it to a second hand store... You can score some major bucks to spend towards new pieces at Primadonna.

Step Five: Consider beloved pieces in  your wardrobe that have stumped you when it comes to making them look fab.  Make an appointment with your favorite stylist at Primadonna and we will help bring your pieces back to life.

Step Six: Consider updating your spring and summer shoes.  A great new accessory can bring new life to your favorite Spring '06 suit.

Step Seven: Don't just buy to buy.  Even if you can't invest this month, be patient.  It will be well worth it when you have a few new staples in your wardrobe as compared to several so-so pieces that you end up having to chuck at the end of the season.
Step Eight: Come in, get inspired, and let us help you make the most of what you already have.  We have always been faithful to the wardrobe building philosophy.  It doesn't take much to look great.  Take you time adding pieces to your wardrobe.  Rome wasn't built in a day- neither will your wardrobe be.

Conclusion: True Fashion does not fade with the ups and downs of the economy... May this season be marked with creative ways you found to express your style.

From one fashion lover to another,
Jenna for the Primadonna Staff

The Color We Have All Been Wating For....

Rose, Pink, Dove it what you will.  It's the IT color of the season and it is fresh, gorgeous, and a brilliant compliment to the existing black in our wardrobes.  

This color is neutral enough to be classified a non-color, yet rich enough to pop any blah outfit.  My favorite display of this hue is in the form of a jacket by Marithe + Francois Girbaud.  The style has recently made its debut and I can't get enough of it.  The soft collar and cinched waist makes everyone look toned.  Need I continue?

Still want more?  Check out Dusica's Peep Toe Pump and matching Bag!  Yes, the leather on the heel is ruched and Yes, the handle on the bag is braided.

Get in here now to see it in person!!

Back to admiring my new favorite color,
Jenna for the Primadonna Staff

Ah, The Sounds of Spring....

Bird's chirping, children playing, the rumbling engine of the UPS truck delivering new collections..... ah, the sounds of spring!

Fresh out of the box... 

Sunglasses handmade in  France from Selima Optique.  Hands down, the BEST shades I've seen!  My favorite thing that Selima is doing are two tone styles.  My favorite combo is oxblood frames + blonde arms.  I am already trying to justify how I could make use of several different frames.  Stop in and help me out!  

Also, making it's debut this week:

For our dye-hard fans, Heyne Bogut hand dyed collection of tees, dresses, and sweaters.  These native Philly designers stay true to their roots, everything is made right in the City of Brotherly Love.  Stop in to support these local designers as well as spruce up your wardrobe with one of their colorful creations.

Good ol' Ivan Grundahl did it again.  You may have a love/hate relationship with him, but deep down you know you only hate him because he keeps making something new and fabulous every season that you can't live without.  This season is no exception.

Sarah Pacini... As we have come to expect, the sweaters are phenomenal and the linen overalls are adorable.  My favorite outfit is a lead colored brushed cotton suit complete with harem pants and crop jacket.

Check back tomorrow for the smells of spring!

-Jenna, for the Primadonna Staff