Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Look Like a Million Bucks (during a recession)

Step One: Don't watch channels 3, 6, or 10.

Step Two: Go outside, and take note that it is no longer snowing.

Step Three: If you don't feel better already, repeat steps one and two until you find your happy heart.

Step Four: Assess your needs.  Before you go out shopping, take inventory of your current warm weather wardrobe.  What still works?  What needs to be tossed?  

*Tip* If it no longer fits your lifestyle or body, consider bringing it to a second hand store... You can score some major bucks to spend towards new pieces at Primadonna.

Step Five: Consider beloved pieces in  your wardrobe that have stumped you when it comes to making them look fab.  Make an appointment with your favorite stylist at Primadonna and we will help bring your pieces back to life.

Step Six: Consider updating your spring and summer shoes.  A great new accessory can bring new life to your favorite Spring '06 suit.

Step Seven: Don't just buy to buy.  Even if you can't invest this month, be patient.  It will be well worth it when you have a few new staples in your wardrobe as compared to several so-so pieces that you end up having to chuck at the end of the season.
Step Eight: Come in, get inspired, and let us help you make the most of what you already have.  We have always been faithful to the wardrobe building philosophy.  It doesn't take much to look great.  Take you time adding pieces to your wardrobe.  Rome wasn't built in a day- neither will your wardrobe be.

Conclusion: True Fashion does not fade with the ups and downs of the economy... May this season be marked with creative ways you found to express your style.

From one fashion lover to another,
Jenna for the Primadonna Staff

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  1. Oh Jenna!
    What wonderful advice. All my outfits from Primadona will live forever! The uniqueness and quality of your clothing are statement pieces that can be mixed and matched thoughout time!
    Love to Primadonna!
    Dee Laub