Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A sweater for every day...

   Mother nature seems to be playing games with us lately.  One day it is a beautiful Spring day, and the next day seems like Winter will never leave.  Thankfully we have a store full of amazing sweaters to transition into the next season.  
   Sarah Pacini has a wide array of knits this season that will satisfy those who love mixing textures and shapes.  Long vests, sheer layers,  and sophisticated basics highlight this huge collection.
   Fresh of the boat from Italy, Re.Set has done it again.  With an understated elegance, this season brings us more of their signature shapes and classic color palettes. 
   Each season we always try to find what we call "Sunday Sweaters".  Those cozy sweaters that become your staple for every weekend when you just want to kick back and relax.  One of our favorite examples this season is from Elemente Clemente.  Fun stripes and a relaxed shape make this a perfect candidate.  
   Ivan Grundahl has outdone himself again this season with a wonderful hand-knit "fisherman's" sweater, as well this faded tie-dye technique on one of his classic shapes.
   For those of you who appreciate an artist's touch, Heyne Bogut's hand-painted line of sweaters are sure to please.  Every sweater's colors and patterns are unique to itself.
   Stop by and see these sweaters and many more.  You will be sure to find your own wardrobe favorite this season.  I look forward to seeing you.


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